Thursday, May 26, 2011

Devotional Blog Makeover!

Hi Everyone!

       Notice anything different? Yep, I gave my blog a facelift. I don't know about you, but as a woman who thrives on creativity I get bored with the same 'ol same 'ol. I wanted to give my blog a new look to kick off the spring and summer. A template with lighter, brighter colors, a departure from the darker hues of fall and winter — and a new photo — this time without holding my camera. (Even thinking about changing the name of my blog.) So here it is.
       Let me know what you think. But please be kind. :-)
       Hopefully, I'll post a new article soon. Not sure what to write about next. May the Lord inspire me this holiday weekend.
       I have a slew of photos I took of cows, llamas, donkeys, and turkeys at a nearby farm I visited recently that I want to put on my photo blog. Just don't know how to package it yet. The photo above was taken the day I took the farm pictures. Yeah, that's me holding a branch of yellow forsythias.
       The picture to the right also was taken that day. I stood on a bridge to get that shot as cars and trucks whizzed by going 40 mph. A little scary — and risky to say the least. But I had to get that shot. Only a seasoned, diehard photographer could understand. Not that I'm a seasoned photographer, but I aspire to be.
       Well, if I don't get to speak with any of you in the next couple of days, please have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with your family and friends, and write about it so I can get inspired.



  1. I like it, Judy! I'm thinking of a blog makeover for Reflections, but since I paid to have it designed... Love your new photo, also.


  2. Dear Judy

    Your blog looks lovely! Beautiful photos, too!


  3. Looking good. My belief that anyone that has risked their life at least once to get that perfect shot can officially be called a "seasoned photographer." I love your pictures.

  4. It's beautiful! I know exactly how you feel about making a change. I figure I rearrange my living room each season, why not rearrange my blog too? Happy Friday, bloggy friend! :)

  5. I love your new blog design, Judy. It's like a fresh breath of cool air on a hot summer day!

  6. Hi Judy! Here I am, visiting your blog - thanks for inviting me and for leaving a comment in my blog which is heartwarming!

    Your blog is beautiful, and your photos - stunning! (I'll be visiting your photoblog, too). Like you, I also love photographing nature. I don't know of a woman-blogger who isn't into photography as well :-)


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